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As a Trainee, you have the opportunity to get to know our team, industry and the way we work. You do not need to have experience in similar companies. Training at Amberstone Associates may turn out to be your first step in building a career in recruitment and HR consulting on an executive level. Please consider whether this path meets your expectations and whether you are determined enough to join us.

In order to introduce you to work, we will devote a significant amount of time to you and share knowledge we have been gathering for years. We expect you to be active in our relationship, and to demonstrate an equal level of personal involvement.

A good sense of humour will certainly help!

As a Researcher, you have the opportunity to participate in the realisation of recruitment processes for the largest organisations, and leaders in the industries. You will be able to co-operate with the best consultants on the market and to work in compliance with exhaustive executive search methodology that meets the highest standards. In order to meet the criteria for this role, you should:

  • be creative and have the ability to find several ways to achieve a set objective
  • be inquisitive, search for information, ask questions, be curious, broaden your knowledge and strive to exhaust any topic
  • as our contact point with the market you should create a positive image of our organisation by means of eloquent, partner communication and to be thoroughly prepared for each conversation
  • you should always keep your promises, respect the schedules agreed with consultants or applicants and act in an honest, ethical way based on respect for others.

We expect you to be perseverant and consequent in carrying out difficult and often demanding search projects.

As an Associate, you support the realised executive search projects, although the final, substantial decisions will be made by consultants. You will have the opportunity to learn and model your behaviour on our mentors, developing your skills. In this position, you are expected to:

  • demonstrate a proactive approach to developing your knowledge about the market and technological trends
  • prepare high quality content-based materials used in the process
  • be responsible for the project and to treat its participants with appropriate respect
  • to represent our organisation; this is why you will be expected to behave strictly professionally in any situation
  • an Associate should support the organisation in creating standards and initiate activities facilitating everyday work and improving the quality of provided services
  • you should be an expert in operational activities related to executive search projects based on conventional research activities and provide support for other team members, always acting in an ethical way, using best practices
  • you should also support the organisation in its activities aimed at business and market communication development
  • your task will be to share your knowledge regularly, among others during presentations and internal training sessions for other team members.

A Consultant is a person who advises our Clients on the challenges they face with respect to the employment and assessment of management staff in the world of new technologies. This means that you should have broader knowledge about this market than the Clients that you will be working for. Only then can we talk about value they are receiving as a result of your work. Thus, you should be able to:

  • determine the development directions of modern technologies and how they translate into building a competitive advantage of organisations operating in various sectors
  • perform an evaluation of the applicants based on competence models and various assessment methods
  • develop business effectively, building relationships with decision-makers of our Clients with respect to the hiring of management staff
  • manage projects in a methodical way, while being responsible for proper realisation, compliance with internal standards and the final results of project team activities
  • participate in the development of our organisation by directly influencing the creation of such standards and processes as: project realisation and management, business development, customer service, knowledge management, team development and shaping organisational culture.

You will achieve the most if you have a cheerful disposition, distance to yourself and others and a positive attitude. Endurance, passion and involvement help us enjoy our everyday tasks and the positive atmosphere created by all of us makes it easier to achieve success.

RODO/GDPR – we’re ready!

As you probably may know, as of May, 25th, this year, any company processing European Union citizens personal data will have to meet the new obligations in connection with the GDPR/RODO regulation.
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TwS Mentoring Program

Wow, it is hard to believe that TwS Mentoring Program had already completed its 5th edition! On December 20th, during an official gala, once again the “Technologia w Spódnicy” association supporting women in IT summarised its mentoring activities.
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Amberstone Associates’ 5th birthday

Frankly speaking, we love celebrating (who does not? :)) so we use every single opportunity to do so. But this time the occasion was big – it has been 5 years since Amberstone Associates was introduced to the market!
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Promotions in Amberstone Associates

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of our two team members: Karolina Kalińska to Executive Associate and Kinga Woszczek to Marketing Specialist.
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Executive Search Consultant

Dołącz do zespołu Amberstone Associates! Jesteśmy silną i doświadczoną marką na rynku doradztwa personalnego. Pasjonują nas ludzie i ich potrzeby związane z rozwojem siebie i organizacji, w których działają na co dzień. Systematycznie rozwijamy również nas samych i dyna read more
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Celebrating with taste

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The Noble Box Project

In the past 2015 the Amberstone Associates team decided to slow down during the Christmas rush and lent the helping hand to those who need it. We welcomed The Noble Box Project into our offices. Thanks to this initiative, along with around 40 people supporting us actively, we helped a family living in the suburbs
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#team #development #fun

We all share a constant drive for development (not only professional) and enjoy the time spent together. It is possible to learn from each other and to have fun at the same time. All you need is a group of people who share a similar outlook on life.  
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