Our values

Our Values

We are here to help

Our business consists of assisting our Clients in solving their HR problems, supporting our Applicants in their professional development and in helping all those who might benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Learning and sharing knowledge

Learning is an inherent element of our activity. We broaden our knowledge in order to use it for the benefit of our Clients and to make our competences outstanding on the professional services market.


We follow ethical standards both in our professional and private lives. We are guided by the principles of honesty and reliability in the process of communicating our knowledge and information.


We realise that our work requires a high degree of responsibility. Our Clients and Applicants entrust us with confidential information, so we must ensure that we use this knowledge solely for the purposes of representing their interest.

We care about the environment

We want our work to contribute to the protection of our environment. We believe in the idea of a paperless office, and our servers and computers use a low amount of power.