HR consulting

HR Consulting

We find answers to your questions

Evaluation of the efficiency of technology team management is becoming increasingly important. Finding employer value proposition in a demanding job market is a must. Moreover, discovering new ways of management of young generations is a challenge.

Following our specialisation and expertise we effectively support our customers in transforming their organisations. Together we look for new ways of enhancing digital technology team management.

We offer our HR consulting practices it the following cases:

  • HR due diligence of technology-driven companies
  • Digital leaders competency evaluation and assessment
  • IT teams transformation
  • Executive recruitment training
  • Background Check

Background check

We check your candidate’s credibility

Amberstone Associates consultants conduct a Background Check for our customers to provide them with precise and credible information about a candidate?s past. Therefore, we confirm information gathered in resumes to make sure it is in line with reality.

Our team works with direct sources not only to check documents but also to gather credentials and opinions about candidates? past careers.

We are able to verify registers, criminal records, diplomas, certificates, financial statements. Moreover, credentials, personal opinions, and social media activity can be also verified.

Make sure you pass your executive position in proper hands.