Background check

verify candidate's past records.

What is background check?

Background checking is a crucial process undertaken to authenticate a candidate’s or employee’s data within a company.

It typically involves confirming details such as educational background, employment history, relevant certifications, financial obligations, and criminal records.

The entity responsible for executing this process is tasked with gathering and processing information about the candidate, adhering to the legal boundaries set by law (for instance, Article 221 of the Civil Code in Poland), and always with the explicit consent of the individual under scrutiny.

Background Check with Amberstone Associates


packages cover different ranges of verified parameters (according to the Employer’s needs)

credible team

our reaserch team are experienced recruiters
we will take care of the comfort of all participants in the process

legal & effective

the process begins after obtaining the appropriate written consent from the candidate or employee

clear & easy

we will present the effects of our actions to you in a very clear way

Why do you need a Background Check?

to obtain complete and reliable information about the candidate’s past in the recruitment process

to confirm the reliability of the information provided in the application documents

to verify of information
on employees, such as in audit or M&A processes

How do we do it?

You select a package and sign the order,

We contact the candidate or employee and discuss the process. We provide all information and obtain relevant consents.

We aggregate the relevant documents.

We analyze the documents taken and check their credibility.

We check entries in the relevant registers.

We verify references from previous employers.

You get a report and make the right decisions based on facts, not hunches.

What parameters do we verify?

educational path
debts history
certificates and diplomas
criminal register
driving licence
credit & financial records
permission to stay current visa
medical qualifications

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