Technologia w Spódnicy, CSR


In 2003 Amberstone Associates introduced ?Technologia w Spódnicy?, as part of our CSR activities.

The aim is to integrate the environment of women holding managerial positions in the world of IT and new technologies. The purpose of such integration is to point out best practices connected with diversity in technological teams and to inspire women to address professional challenges related to IT.

The initiative groups women who perform key roles in the Polish IT sector. They are an amazing group of role models, showing how much women can achieve if they challenge stereotypes and, sometimes, their own fears connected with taking up challenges.

Currently, ?Technologia w Spódnicy? is an independent legal entity. As a society TwS leads numerous actions, such as mentoring programs, events, training and tuition to support women in Poland entering the world of digital technologies.

Amberstone Associates intends to continue to support the Technologia w Spódnicy Association and to promote best practices connected with diversity.

Detailed information about “Technologia w Spódnicy” can be found on the TwS website.

The Noble Box Project, CSR in Poland

The Noble Box Project

This well-known project was initiated by priest Jacek Stryczek 15 years ago. It connects hundreds of thousands people, both donors and volunteers, who organize material support for poor families. The event is covered nationally and year by year the number of followers and participating families is growing. Last year another financial record was broken.

The idea is very simple and enables literally anyone to become a donor. All gift boxes are collected according to the families? wish list prepared by the volunteer. That guarantees that boxes are correctly personalized and the gifts correspond to the family members? needs. The Noble Box reaches the family just before Christmas ? a perfect time to bring some Christmas joy.

As a part of our CSR activity, Amberstone Associates will support The Noble Box Project as long as it exists. For us it is a perfect opportunity to turn values we follow into real actions. ☺